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Global Classroom is an innovative education platform to connect schools to global experts for skill gained through quality improvement.
Global Classroom Concept is all about bridging the gap between rural and urban students connecting them with World’s experts, so that our student to get the chance of being a global citizen. Being the artisan of smart schools and villages development, pioneering in connecting human, I designed Global Classroom Initiative programs to connect schools with experts all over the world, for our Students need global exposure to meet today’s expectations and high standard’s requests, which fast emerging across the globe and has to get penetrated in remotest of the remote villages of our country. It is about the freedom to realize that Education is our children’s salvation. Let us together give our new generation the needed chance, help them master their skills and talents meant to lead them to a better tomorrow. I had a dream and that was the possibility to create the best, yet possible opportunity platform in order to bring the perfect set of people in their lives and around them to uplift and inspire their future, to bring the world to them, on behalf of those who can otherwise only dream of the possibilities this world can unfold and open up to them.

– Santosh Talaghatti, Founder & Mentor, GLOBAL CLASSROOMS –

Global Classroom

                              Connecting Schools..

We are living in a globally connected intelligent network, an information oriented era, where digital world bridges with human consciousness.

We are glad to introduce ourselves as being pioneers of Interactive e-Learning models and artisans of GLOBAL CLASSROOMS Initiative for quality education. Global classroom Initiative has not just provided the remotest areas with technology and learning but has also fulfilled the demand of the most important trend in India i.e The Digital India project. 

This resulted in improving students’ communication skills, understanding of various national and international academic concepts and ability to develop their own talents, to reflect about the way they can invest their lives in a meaningful future, how to serve better our society. In each and every human there is an inner unique constellation of gifts that has to be discovered and shared with our world. Endorsed by the School Education Department, Government of Maharashtra, we are now connecting 10000 rural schools for digitalisation of the schools.  

We are thankful to all our Teams of Volunteers, to all those Schools who trustfully contributed to make out of this exquisite educational platform a successful happening in the name of Change and Care.

Global Classroom Programs



Advanced interactive innovative eLearning programs for schools in order to improve educational quality and share valuable knowledge coming from all over the world directly to us.



Global exposure to all students by connecting them to experts located all over the globe delivering directly new perspectives by meaningful virtual interactions.



Initiating collaborative learning and teaching programs for getting updated with knowledgeable information in many areas of study interest, getting the most from their workouts.

Innovative Change Making Initiative.


Man Behind The Project



Innovative Entrepreneur | Motivational Public Speaker | Change Management & Capacity Building Professional | Founder & Mentor, eLMNOP & Namaskar With Love Foundation |

An avid researcher, Santosh Talaghatti, the artisan of this exceptional designed platform, the coryphée of children’s hopes for more than 15 years, experienced architect of this “dream without borders” having a meaningful vision about providing the right and suitable knowledge through high quality education imparted to all, has been continuously researching new contents, significant creative tools, consistent delivery mechanisms and environments for eLearning better techniques on behalf of quality versus quantity, innovative and effective learning solutions. With exceptional achievements and vast experience in teaching, coaching, capacity building and motivational skills sessions, he assured us that he still has plenty of accolades to talk about this domain. His message to the children of India has always been: Don’t be afraid, whatever you imagine you wish to be, you can be-come, through education – this is the Key to your bright future, no matter where are you from, this is your opportunity and the right springboard which will tear down any borders placing the whole world at your feet. YOU be the ambassador of your own country’s values all over the world, BE INDIA AND ASK INDIA TO BE YOURS!”


Our Mission

The gap between the urban and the rural is increasing as India is progressing. To be a child in rural India, mostly categorized as a “pariah”, it is the equivalent of giving up on your Dreams, Education, Future, any optimistic Thoughts and Beliefs. Our mission is to cater to the educational needs of schools particularly in rural areas, so that they can be developed at par with the best private schools, so that rural children can get the same holy right to a high quality education, just like any other child of this country. 

Our goal is to make education active, participatory, meaningful, digital and global. High time technology is integrated in the curriculum and in day-to-day classroom teaching, learning at all educational levels we implement, in order to compete with advanced nations and direct the new generation towards technology based education.

Global Classroom


In the age of modern technology, we are implementing eLearning techniques in teaching pedagogy. eLearning Media ’GLOBAL CLASSROOM’ activities are helping our students to understand concept well through expert’s interaction and delivery of advanced skill sets. Through audio-visual learning students can remember the content and concept for long time and easily relate subject to the real applications. We find our students are responding well to the teacher online and their learning and understanding capacity is increasing and also their communication skill is improving as online teachers are promoting them to express students’ knowledge for better exploration…
Rasika M. Paratwar, Government School Teacher, Maharashtra
When one comes across a person with sound technical knowledge in computers and at the same time deep inclination and understanding in spiritual field, with a gift of composing a lakh plus religious verses effortlessly, and one who likes to lead value based life, then it’s crazy to imitate Raj kapoor. Santosh Talghatti, is very good orator having capacity to establish cordial rapport with any audience in a short period. Then when you come across someone dominates the stage with bubbling energy, you name the person as ‘Santosh Talaghatti’.
Vidyadhar Shukla, Educationist, Maharashtra
Global Classroom program was implemented in 5 Zilla Parishad Schools in Mulshi Taluka in 2014-15. Computers, advanced Technology and Global Classroom programs have helped students practically view Informative and educative programs from worldwide. It has inspired not only rural students but also teachers towards a new hope in education and learning. Your work is truly commendable and we look forward to you introducing this initiative with the CSR medium in other schools in Mulshi Taluka. We are grateful for your service.
Shalini Kadu, Government Officer, Maharashtra
It is with a sense of immense satisfaction that I write this Testimonial for Shri. Santosh Talghatti. I have known him over the last one year since we met on the Committee formed by the Divisional Commissioner to develop a uniform concept in hardware and software for the Zilla Parishad schools in the Pune Division. As Chairman of this Committee I found his appointment as the IT expert invaluable. Not only did he have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of issues in hardware and software, but he has the ability to grasp the needs, conceptualize the hurdles and develop an overall solution that meets the requirements…
Mahesh Patil, Government Officer, Maharashtra
Digital india School – Global Classroom Initiative and Namaskar with Love Foundation mean to me much more than rediscovering my empathy, competencies, potential, creative resources, compassion, sharing my time, knowledge, energy, it means taking action accordingly becoming a problem solver, no matter where i am on this planet, giving a hand to transform the inequity in equity and restore the meaningful purpose of Education to its pure primordial purpose: equal chances to all children and the betterment of humankind – undoubtedly knowing that poverty rates go down, if education improves and that process influences our global society from all points of view: economically, socially, medically, emotionally. This unique Initiative magisterially led and designed by the artisan of this platform, Santosh Talaghatti, created to deliver one to one direct experience building knowledge-sharing bridges to India coming from all over the world, convinced me right from the beginning that, whatever nation we belong to, souls are a beautiful paradox without borders, in consequence, for the fair chances of these children in this life, it’s worth fighting, because each and every of my Global Classroom interaction with the children was like ‘one life time’ magnificent experience and i don’t want to miss the chance of such meaningful moments – here & now!
Any-Mary, Jurist, Germany

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    Rural state gets a Maha teacher

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    ग्रामीण विद्यार्थ्यांना मिळाले ऑस्ट्रेलियातील तज्ज्ञांचे मार्गदर्शन

    नुकतेच ऑस्ट्रेलिया येथील टेलस्ट्रा डिजीटलचे व्यवस्थापक स्टेफनी ग्युरीलोत व त्यांचे सहकारी ब्राडन कोड यांनी हिंजवडी येथील प्राथमिक शाळेला भेट दिली.

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    ग्रामपंचायतीच्या अधिकारकक्षा वाढविण्याची गरज

    राज्यपाल सी. विद्यासागर राव यांचे प्रतिपादन; माणच्या विकासकामांची पाहणी

    पुणे : ‘‘देशाचे स्वातंत्र्य, स्वायत्तता व सार्वभौमत्व यांचा पाया ग्रामपंचायतींमध्ये असून, त्या स्वयंपूर्ण करण्यासाठी त्यांची अधिकारकक्षा अधिक वाढविण्याची गरज आहे,’’ असे प्रतिपादन राज्यपाल श्री. सी. विद्यासागर राव […]

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