digitalindiaschoolDigital India. School is an innovative initiative for transforming existing rural schools as Digital Schools to connect students, teachers and experts to the Global Education Platform ‘GLOBAL CLASSROOM’.

Santosh Talghatti, innovative entrepreneur and CEO at eLMNOP (e-learning Media Network of Professionals Pvt. Ltd.)  and team of global experts are helping connect rural schools to other schools and experts  worldwide by imparting value based and technology based education. Santosh Talghatti, is the pioneering force behind eLMNOP and has more than a decade of experience in Research in ICT & e-learning.

Digital India School initiative is supported by Global Team of 1000 + global experts who are dedicated and committed towards quality in school education by effectively using technology. The innovative concept of ‘Global Classroom’ was launched to offer education to rural students under the Digital India School initiative. The ‘Global Classroom program’ connects students and experts across the world through the medium of Computers & Technology, thereby offering a virtual classroom.

Through Global Classrooms, experts and scholars from dedicated sectors worldwide are called to share their experiences and impart education to rural students. This helps the students gain guidance in their selected field of interest, offering varied perspectives, subject matter knowledge, and a new confidence in exploring education and the world.