We invite you to approach our schools and tell your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours about it. No matter what volunteer activity you choose, make it something you are passionate about. It may be teaching technology, drama, dance, artistic and social skills, music or physical education.


Your donation as funds can help make someone educated and self-dependent. A educated life is worthy of enlightening many in darkness.


You can Donate at Paypal Id: santosh.talghatti@gmail.com


(Computers, Tablets, Smart Phones, Over Head Projectors. Sound Systems) Technology is remains in adept if one cannot have hands on experience. Your contribution in gadgets like Tablets and Smart Phones, latest technological equipment like computers, over head projectors, Sound Systems is highly valued and can be availed by the under privileged children from rural areas. Accessories like school bags stationery can also make a value addition.


What can be more powerful than empowering the younger generation. Your skills are highly valued by us and your expert knowledge could help motivate and spark the tender minds of the students. Your contribution in teaching remains equally valuable as any other form of donation.


(Volunteer, Advice, Counseling) Your contribution in time will remain totally indebted as you can help influence the needy directly. Lot of times the development is hindered due to lack of counseling and advice. We need active volunteers who can help us with our sessions and programs. Also playing the role of counselors and advisors to the needy students.