Santosh Talghatti



With exceptional achievements such as thousands of hours of experience in teaching and change management, and a reach to over a Lac of learners including school teachers, government officers, corporate leaders,  Santosh Talghatti – an innovative ICT entrepreneur and motivational speaker – has plenty of accolades to talk about.”

“As a social contribution he has taken up the task of spreading Digital Literacy for Teacher Empowerment and bridging the Digital Divide in teaching learning community in School Education.”

“As a gifted speaker, he has exemplary capabilities to keep the audience engaged and actively interested during his training sessions that range from simple stories to complex uses of ICT in education, to Knowledge Management to Creative Arts to deep spiritual realities.”

“The fact that his sessions, oblivious of age, gender or profession, are equally enjoyed by one and all, is a testimony to the amazing quality of content and delivery.”

“An avid researcher, he has been researching new content creation tools, delivery mechanisms, environments, media and e-Learning technology. With all his researches and project’s innovations he provides high quality, creative and effective learning solutions to educational, governmental institutions, teachers and learners. His original strategic directions provides continuously an ‘avant-gardist’ spectrum of inventive programs to the audience and associates by staying current with the emerging trends in the education and e-Government industry.”

What People Say

I am beyond excited about the progress we have made with the Global Classroom initiative. It has, in so many ways changed the way students in distant countries, relate to educators/experts in other nations. It’s such a tremendous language exchange and so inspirational, we know this is just the beginning. Global Classrooms set up in this way, will change the world…the way we see it, the way we interact, the way we inspire each other. I’m so Blessed to be one of the supporters of this great effort.
L. Michelle Salvant, Media Educator / Media Missions Leader (USA)
I have been with you on the subject of Research and Development of the education of students, teachers and officers of India from your beginning of developing the programme. I am very proud to be associated with you, seeing your progress over the years to a programme that would appear to have no equal in the world. To achieve such a thing in one of the world’s largest populations, is no mean achievement. Inspiring educationists at various levels, exciting the imagination of politicians and raising interest of industrialists including those of commerce. This will put India into the forefront of one of the world’s…
Lewis Sidebottom And Nannette Sidebottom, Victoria, Australia
In the age of modern technology, we are implementing eLearning techniques in teaching pedagogy. eLearning Media ’GLOBAL CLASSROOM’ activities are helping our students to understand concept well through expert’s interaction and delivery of advanced skill sets. Through audio-visual learning students can remember the content and concept for long time and easily relate subject to the real applications. We find our students are responding well to the teacher online and their learning and understanding capacity is increasing and also their communication skill is improving as online teachers are promoting them to express students’ knowledge for better exploration…
Rasika M. Paratwar, Z. P. P. S. Hinjewadi
When one comes across a person with sound technical knowledge in computers and at the same time deep inclination and understanding in spiritual field, with a gift of composing a lakh plus religious verses effortlessly, and one who likes to lead value based life, then it’s crazy to imitate Raj kapoor. Santosh Talghatti, is very good orator having capacity to establish cordial rapport with any audience in a short period. Then when you come across someone dominates the stage with bubbling energy, you name the person as ‘Santosh Talaghatti’.
Vidyadhar Shukla, Educationist
Global Classroom program was implemented in 5 Zilla Parishad Schools in Mulshi Taluka in 2014-15. Computers, advanced Technology and Global Classroom programs have helped students practically view Informative and educative programs from worldwide. It has inspired not only rural students but also teachers towards a new hope in education and learning. Your work is truly commendable and we look forward to you introducing this initiative with the CSR medium in other schools in Mulshi Taluka. We are grateful for your service.
Shalini Kadu, Block Development Officer, Panchayat Samitee, Mulshi, Dist Pune
It is with a sense of immense satisfaction that I write this Testimonial for Shri. Santosh Talghatti. I have known him over the last one year since we met on the Committee formed by the Divisional Commissioner to develop a uniform concept in hardware and software for the Zilla Parishad schools in the Pune Division. As Chairman of this Committee I found his appointment as the IT expert invaluable. Not only did he have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of issues in hardware and software, but he has the ability to grasp the needs, conceptualize the hurdles and develop an overall solution that meets the requirements…
Mahesh Patil, Chairman