Founder & Mentor

Motivated ICT Entrepreneur and Change Management Innovator, Pioneer of Global Classrooms where classrooms across geographies are connected helping to shape the future of next generation,  having a decade experience of hands-on insightful work in Education Technology, e-Governance and Social Change.

Santosh Talghatti works with dedication to bring Hope and Change in Teachers, Children, Professionals, Schools, and in the education system. He delivered hundreds of motivational public speeches in education, e-Governance, Technology, Management and Value-Based Human Development, Teacher empowerment, Students development, Youth empowerment, Woman empowerment, Change management etc.

As an innovator, he has formed the global network of professionals bringing educators, government officers, scientists and social activists together in the arena of social transformation and educational quality improvement including e-learning and e-governance.

“An avid researcher, he has been researching new content creation tools, delivery mechanisms, environments, media and e-Learning technology. With all his researches and project’s innovations, he provides high quality, creative and effective learning solutions to educational, governmental institutions, teachers and learners. His original strategic directions provide continuously an ‘avant-gardist’ spectrum of inventive programs to the audience and associates by staying current with the emerging trends in the education and e-Government industry.”

“I have a Vision and that is Kindness” – Santosh Talaghatti

Mentor – Strategies and Management Adviser


Any-Mary is a person of vision, open minded and human oriented, endowed to identify the best policies for development performing depth analysis in finding the suitable solutions.  A creative PR demonstrates imagination, insight and boldness to present challenges that bring out the best in people and bring them together around a shared sense of purpose, that facilitates innovation, action in work environment and continuous improvement.

By thinking strategically she conveys the “big picture” having the ability to identify and recommend appropriate business actions to align performance goals with business reasonable targets, suitable actions to increase the integrity and reputation of the organization’s values and goals.

While achieve established objectives with a focus on continuous progress, remarkable ideas, projects and creative people, she promotes professional ethics, creativity and significant human values held in high esteem.

“Digital India School – Global Classroom Initiative and Namaskar with Love Foundation mean to me much more than rediscovering my empathy, competencies, potential, creative resources, compassion, sharing my time, knowledge, energy, it means taking action accordingly becoming a problem solver, no matter where I am on this planet, giving a hand to transform the inequity in equity and restore the meaningful purpose of Education to its pure primordial purpose: equal chances to all children and the betterment of humankind ”  – Any Mary

Counseling Director – Business Development


Ramachandra Nimbargi is a business professional having rich experience in Technology Solutions, Program Management, Sales & Business Development and Customer Service, functions in various capacities.

Ramachandra worked with Schneider Electric – ITBU (erstwhile APC – American Power Conversion) in India and New Zealand for over a decade handling different roles. He was involved in conceptualizing, planning, executing & implementing localization strategy, initiatives & programs for India and New Zealand markets across Product and Solutions. He can foster strong business & working relationships at all levels with both internal & external customers to engage with the professional community.