Can we connect Rural Primary Schools to Global Classroom Program?

Yes, This program has been designed to improve Academic skills as well as Communication skills. Primary school children need global exposure for their various hidden talent and visuals, communication and interactive applications help them to grow their intellect intelligence and Heart. It is the time of understanding what is bad and good. If they are educated well with good stories and presentations, that shall help them through out their life. We have considered this program for Primary school Children as well teachers to make Primary Education a huge success. We would like to give an experience of global connectivity and communication to Primary Schools.

How often this program can be executed in our school

We have committed to execute at least 10 Interactive Global Classroom Programs in an academic  year. Based on the requirement we increase the number of sessions.

Where to contact to be part of this program.

Please contact our Founder and Mentor Mr. Santosh Talaghatti for connecting your school for Global Classroom Workshop for Live Education Experience.