Global smart Village is an ideal project supplemented by latest technology, whereby the villages across Maharashtra can emerge and remain self-sustained.
Information and Communication Technology have been the aides in designing Global Smart Villages.




Digitisation, Education Empowerment, Teachers Empowerment, Women empowerment, Employment drives, Home for the homeless, e-governance, Green Village, Eco-friendly gram panchayat, Swach Gram, Distinguished primary health care centres, Healthy Gram, Water conservation and Utilization of Non-Conventional source of energy are some initiatives which have helped attain ISO certification and also the valued title of ‘Global Smart Village’.

Mr. Santosh Talghatti is a Technology Evangelist and is engaged in the task of Rural Development. Mr. Santosh Talghatti has visited 1000’s of villages in Maharashtra and his endeavour is to introduce value oriented and technology oriented systems at making rural Maharashtra emerge through its youth and development.

He believes in ardently contributing socially and with the intention of rural empowerment he has developed an innovative project called ‘ Global Classroom.’ Setting Global Classrooms has helped connect the gap between the schools and education system worldwide. The rural children are now accessible to educative programs and information across the world, helping them remain at par with the city students. Global Classroom has proved successful and has been highly accepted for providing global exposure and platform to rural students thereby widening their horizon of understanding and thinking.

As a social entrepreneur, Mr. Santosh Taleghatti has embarked on a path to spread digital literacy and teachers training to help connect the gap in learning community. His persistent inputs through e-governance and Global Classrooms have helped developed Maan village to a Global Smart Village.

Maan – a model ‘Global Smart Village‘ is a village in the Tehsil of Mulshi, district Pune. A village, with a historical and spiritual background. Maan, was indeed a very small unnoticeable village until recently. But today, it has gained fame throughout the world. Maan, has been recognized as one of the innovative Grampanchayat in INDIA for its initiatives for Rural Development using advanced technology and Eco-friendly value systems. Central Government has recognized Grampanchayat – MAAN as one of the 10 Best Model Grampanchayat among thousands of Grampanchayats in INDIA.

Maan is budding very rapidly with the mantra of sustainable development and overall change. A village which was deprived of smallest of the basic facilities and ignored by all has now conquered amazing heights. Maan has been highly popular in Maharashtra for its distinguished identity for initiating e-Governance and Green Gram initiatives along with various innovative projects for empowering village. Today, Delhi has also taken notice of the initiatives that this small village has taken for rural development.