Global Classroom is a platform that connects classrooms across the world including rural schools in INDIA and other parts of world fulfilling Digital India School mission.  As a global expert your lectures can be broadcast-ed for academic excellence, students inspiration and teachers empowerment. No matter what volunteer opportunity you choose, make it something you’re passionate about – it may be teaching drama, dance, special academic/computing/artistic skills, music, or social education and enjoy with the students and make it something special.

Becoming an Active Volunteer
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We can post volunteer opportunities on various subjects. You can search for volunteer opportunities based on your interests and your nearest location to schools, and other criteria to help schools to share your knowledge online. With our active Volunteer program, you can engage your employees in their free time to share their knowledge and ideas with our students.

Practical eLearning at your pace


eLMNOP runs series of self-paced, web based interactive Programs. They’re fun, practical, and easy-to-understand. You can deliver some special programs for students to encourage them. Best of all, you’ll be building essential skills in students of new generation by sharing your up-to-date knowledge. You can schedule your time and interact with students

Your role in Global Classroom Project


    • An invaluable aspect of Global Classroom, is the opportunity for professionals/experts/employees to work as mentors/volunteers for Digitization of Rural Schools.
    •  You can spend your weekend with our schools inspiring/educating students to share their knowledge on various interesting fields to bring change in education.
    • You can join our team full-time to satisfy your self by engaging yourself for the noble cause of transforming education through innovation.